Healthy snack

Ready snacks represent a healthful indulgence concentrated in every bite. Select our products to not only savor excellent taste but also to benefit from valuable nutritional support. Within our assortment, you will find:

  • Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable fries, created using freeze-dried extracts, including dairy products. This enables us to preserve the fullness of natural taste and aroma, delivering a colorful and crispy pleasure.
  • Chocolate-coated freeze-dried fruits – freeze-dried fruits enveloped in a delicate layer of chocolate. This fusion captures the intense flavor of fruits and the sweet uplift of chocolate, offering a delightful experience at every step.
  • Chocolate-coated frozen fruits – fruits frozen in chocolate, creating a surprising combination of textures and temperatures. A flavorful adventure that will enrich your palate.
  • A mix of fruit and vegetable powders in a small package, which, when mixed with water in a glass, provides a unique beverage taste.

In addition to our unique snacks, we also offer a wide range of other taste sensations. Our offerings include:

  • Dairy products, constituting a fusion of fruits and herbs with yogurt or curd.
  • Dairy products based on honey and fruits.
  • Meat products, flavors that perfectly complement dishes or serve as standalone snacks to satisfy your craving for bold tastes.