Lyophilized color powders


Discover a new form of culinary creativity with our powdered additions made from freeze-dried products. Impart beautiful, natural colors to your dishes and enhance the depth of spice flavors in a unique way. Utilize our innovative powders to give a distinctive appearance and taste to your culinary masterpieces. Explore them now and create culinary works of art!

A mix of unique ingredients (without chemical additives, sugar) in the form of fruit and vegetable powders, packaged in small stick-like containers. When mixed with water, they create an ideal and natural beverage, providing a variation for your palate.

Our coloring powders:

Aronia, Banana, American Blueberry, Pea, Strawberry, Kale, Blackberry, Raspberry, Mango, Black Currant, Red Currant, Rhubarb, Dragon Fruit, Spinach, Strawberry, Cherry, Herbs, Mix of Fruit and Vegetable Powders, Curds, Milk Yogurts in pure form or with herbal or fruit additions.