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Space Fruit’s is an innovative brand offering environmentally friendly freeze-dried technology for fruits, mushrooms, herbs, and vegetables sourced from both conventional and organic cultivation.

Our production facility is located near Lublin, in the town of Jastków.

We also specialize in the freeze-drying of products, providing an ideal solution for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and veterinary, all seeking the highest quality raw materials.

Our new facility, modern technological infrastructure, professional team, implemented procedures, and standards, along with meticulous selection at every stage of the manufacturing process, enable us to ensure the highest quality of the products we offer.

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In the B2B area, we offer a wide range of freeze-dried products, including fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and sprouts. Our freeze-dried products are prepared with attention to quality, preserving natural flavor, aroma, color and nutritional value. This is ideal for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries looking for the highest quality raw materials.

Our product line “Healthy Snack” is tailored for individuals who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and high-quality food.

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Healthy Snack

The ‘Healthy Snack‘ is a product line founded on advanced production technology, enabling the preservation of the natural flavor and nutritional value of food. The brand emphasizes the creation of healthy and secure products that not only protect against spoilage but also retain their nutritional worth. Its primary objective is to provide consumers with nourishment that serves as fuel for the body rather than merely satisfying hunger.

Within this product line:

  • Freeze-dried fruits in chocolate
  • Frozen fruits in chocolate
  • A blend of fruit powders for drinking, which, when mixed with water, combines taste and healthy nutrition in one.


Freeze-drying is worth considering for products for which the preservation of natural characteristics, such as flavor, aroma and nutritional value, is crucial. Examples include delicate fruits, herbs or premium foods. In addition, freeze-drying is useful when long shelf life and microbiological stability are important, such as for travel foods or medical products.
Freeze-dried products are distinguished primarily by the fact that they retain most of their natural characteristics, such as flavor, aroma, color and nutritional value. Unlike traditional drying, where temperature and time can affect the loss of these characteristics, freeze-drying allows them to be preserved to a greater extent.
The freeze-drying process preserves not only the natural characteristics of the product, such as flavor, aroma or color, but also the nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. Freeze-dried products are light and nutritious. In addition, a long shelf life and microbiological stability can be achieved with this method, making freeze-dried products suitable for long-term storage.
Freeze-drying is used in a variety of fields, such as the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology and research industries. It is of vital importance in all fields where long-term storage of products while maintaining their quality is essential.
Lyophilization is an advanced drying method that freezes material and then removes the frozen water by sublimation under reduced pressure. Water goes directly from the solid (ice) phase to the gas (vapor) phase, bypassing the liquid (liquid water) phase. The process is designed to remove water from the product in a way that minimizes damage to the structure and properties of the product, such as flavor, aroma, color and nutritional value.
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SpaceFruits in Japan!

SpaceFruits in Japan!

Foodex Japan is one of the largest and most significant trade events in the world related to the food industry. It is an international exhibition held annually in Japan, attracting professionals from the food industry, manufacturers, suppliers, and specialists from around the globe. We are proudly present at this year’s Foodex Japan, showcasing our innovative… Continue reading SpaceFruits in Japan!



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