SpaceFruits in Japan!

Foodex Japan is one of the largest and most significant trade events in the world related to the food industry. It is an international exhibition held annually in Japan, attracting professionals from the food industry, manufacturers, suppliers, and specialists from around the globe.


We are proudly present at this year’s Foodex Japan, showcasing our innovative products. As the SpaceFruits brand, specializing in the production of high-quality freeze-dried products, we are ready to present unique flavor experiences that will elevate gastronomy to a new level.

Our representatives will gladly share their knowledge about the freeze-drying process, allowing us to preserve the full flavor and nutritional value in our products. From fruits to vegetables, our freeze-dried products offer freshness and intensity of flavor that is hard to find elsewhere.

We warmly invite you to visit our booth at Foodex Japan, where you will have the opportunity to taste our innovative freeze-dried products. Let’s discover together how SpaceFruits is changing the concept of taste and quality in the world of food.

See you at Foodex Japan!

Best regards,
SpaceFruits Team

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